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Teach your kids health and homeopathy in a way that inspires and delights them

Presenting the world’s first homeopathy curriculum for kids. Make homeopathy fun with this unforgettable health toolkit that will last a lifetime. Available in three levels for grades 1-3, 4-8, or 9-12. Payment plans available.



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Endorsed by the Academy of Homeopathy Education

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Created by the president and CO-founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice

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Brought to you in Part by Washington Homeopathic Products

Payment Plan Available!

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Give your kids a powerful health toolkit they can never forget

If you know the power of homeopathy, you’ll want to pass it down to your kids. It is so rewarding to see your child gain the right knowledge about health. Give your kids an inspiring and fun way to learn homeopathic remedies and the history behind homeopathy. This groundbreaking literature-based curriculum introduces kids to homeopathy in a meaningful and colorful way. Using a read-aloud, one room schoolhouse approach, Teach Me Health and Homeopathy will give your kids a health toolkit they can never forget, and use for a lifetime.

What's in the curriculum bundle?

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What’s in the Full Curriculum Bundle?

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Evie and the Secret of Small Things

Over 250 pages of read-aloud stories to teach kids about the critical principles of true health and homeopathy. Your children will love following Evie in her journey of discovery.

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Teacher's Manual and video library!

Your essential guide for walking step by step through the stories and activities. Includes Lifetime Access to the online video library with meaningful & enriching videos, custom made for this curriculum.

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Student Workbook

This workbook gives students engaging activities and projects to drive the lessons home. Choose and customize the workbook levels you need for your family: Grades 1-3, 4-8, or 9-12.

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Remedy Flashcards, Memory Game, and Dominoes

These digital items give kids a fun way to commit homeopathic remedies to memory with flashcards and a memory game. Print at home!

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Vocab & Reading Guide

This guide gives students definitions for each of the terms in the curriculum, and questions to help them think about and retain the information. Print at home!

*Note: Keep in mind that the Memory Work Music is an important part of this curriculum and it is sold separately (CD format or iTunes). Because we use the Memory Work Music in most of our products, and you may already own it, we allow you to purchase it separately. Click here to learn more!

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Online Teacher's Area

Access a plethora of teaching resources including curated videos, material lists, and supplementary articles.

Unit Overview

Below are the 4 units included in the curriculum..

Unit 1: The Terrain is Everything

This first unit is designed to “prime the pump” (or in this case, the mind) around the principles that govern homeopathy. Students meet the father of terrain theory, Antoine Béchamp, and the father of the theory of suppression, Louis Pasteur. These concepts prepare students to understand the powerful lessons about homeopathy.

Unit 2: Foundational Principles of Homeopathy

Once the groundwork has been laid in Unit 1, Unit 2 introduces students to the basic precepts of homeopathic medicine. It covers the history of homeopathy by introducing Samuel Hahnemann and discussing the dangers of suppressing disease, and it helps students think critically about various treatments found in conventional medicine. This unit also introduces students to a central book in homeopathic medicine, the Materia medica. Finally, this unit touches on the idea that homeopathic remedies can be made from various existing substances, which will lead students into the third unit.

Unit 3: The Laws of Homeopathy

Parents and teachers will be excited to delve into this unit. It’s where the concepts about homeopathy really take form, and students can dig into the fun part of homeopathy. Students are instructed on how a homeopathic medicine is made via dilution and succussion, and they learn about homeopathic case-taking.

Unit 4: Homeopathic Remedies for Accidents

This final unit in the curriculum brings the concepts that students have learned to a grand finale where students learn about which homeopathic medicines are best suited for various acute conditions. The focus of this unit is centered around the topic of accidents. The stories and discussions in this segment often make it the favorite unit in the entire curriculum.


Over 71 Video Resources

Our teacher’s area includes over 71 custom made or curated videos tailored to the curriculum to help students make the most of the material. Below are some examples:

What people are saying about "Teach Me Health and Homeopathy"

"If you are in love with herbs, essential oils, or other forms of natural health, you're going to relate strongly to this curriculum. You'll see references to all those things you already love, but you and your children will also be introduced to the brilliant field of homeopathy, and they'll also learn how to think through what they believe about "conventional" vs. "natural" paradigms of health."

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MaryEllen BreamThe Imperfect Homemaker

"Wish we were starting school tomorrow. We have been using remedies for years but it's so hard to explain the methods in a way children can comprehend. You have done exactly that and with so much depth and beauty. Thank you for your hard work!"

Homeopathy Curriculum for Grades 1-12 - PaolaBrown.com (12)

Wholesome Homemade HomeHomeschooling / Unschooling advocate

"This is the health curriculum I've always wanted for my kids. Whether you homeschool or not, this gives a comprehensive guide to natural health and critical thinking. Paola Brown Homeopathy you have outdone yourself!"

Homeopathy Curriculum for Grades 1-12 - PaolaBrown.com (13)

SherryHolistic Sherry

"Paola Brown I stayed up waaaay too late reading Evie and the Secret of Small Things. It’s wonderful! I love that you wove so much information into your story as it unfolded. 😍 Thank you for making it real🙌🏻."

Homeopathy Curriculum for Grades 1-12 - PaolaBrown.com (14)

Melody GuillumCurriculum User

"We were SO excited when this arrived this week! My reader was totally sucked into the story book and couldn’t put it down! After just a short time, she was already 1/2 way through the book!! Very well done Paola Brown! 💜💜 thank you!!"

Homeopathy Curriculum for Grades 1-12 - PaolaBrown.com (15)

Stefanie ArciniegaCurriculum User

"I am not even sure if you check this but when we received the curriculum and I started looking through it, I seriously almost cried. What you have done gives me the opportunity to teach my girls a bigger wider world than what is commonly known. I can show them a form of independence that so many lack. Thank you Paola! I wish we were neighbors, I know we would be friends!"

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Stefanie ArciniegaCurriculum User

"The current paradigm of constantly looking for what is wrong and managing symptoms is not working. It leads to dissatisfaction and mistrust with their bodies, which causes dissociation and feeling like their body has betrayed them. What would it be like if a child grew up deeply connected and aware of what is happening in his or her body, and had the tools and knowledge to respond appropriately?"

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Christina Wahl:Curriculum User



Homeopathy Curriculum for Grades 1-12 - PaolaBrown.com (18)

We're so excited to offer the world's first homeopathy curriculum for kids. Build your curriculum below by selecting your bundle (includes 1 Student Workbook at the grade level you choose) and adding as many additional Student Workbooks as you need:

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1 Storybook

1 Teacher's Manual

Digital Vocab & Reading Guide

Online Teacher's Area

Digital Remedy Flash Cards & Memory Games

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Here's everything you get:

  • Homeopathy lessons for grades 1-12
  • Homeopathy Storybook to read aloud to your kids (or for them to read)
  • Teacher's Manual to guide you through the course
  • Tons of Activities to do at home with your kids
  • Click here to download the Table of Contents

Build Your Curriculum Now

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I want to make absolutely sure that everyone who buys this curriculum absolutely LOVES it. So I made part of it available for free! You can start right away with FREE lessons, stories, songs, and activities from our curriculum as my gift to you.

After that, I’ll send you resources each day over that week to help you through the lessons!

Grades 1-12 Free Lessons

My Student is Younger Than 1st Grade

Homeopathy Curriculum for Grades 1-12 - PaolaBrown.com (20)

Paola Brown is a wife, homesteading mama of three, and experienced educator whose homeopathy workshops, classes, and interactive online courses empower other moms and families to incorporate homeopathic principles into their lives. As president and founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, Paola advocates for the growing number of mothers and other homeopathy users who want to protect their right to choose homeopathy. Paola Brown wrote every word of the curriculum herself. Paola has earned an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University, graduating summa cum laude, before spending more than a decade teaching English at the high school. Paola and her team has spent the past 3 years pouring their hearts into filling the need for quality homeopathic education for kids.


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Join the Free Group to Get the Most Out of the Curriculum

We’ve created a special group to share homeopathy knowledge and encourage each other through teaching our kids about the power of homeopathy. Learning is best with community!

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Paola's Story

The time has come! Teaching your children homeopathy — and passing this knowledge on for generations to come — is at your fingertips!You’ve heard it before: If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Many of us have learned this the hard way—myself included.When I was a little girl aged 3, I immigrated with my family to the United States so my father could attend university. My mother knew that we could not afford health insurance, so she brought with her a little homeopathy kit and a booklet. She knew very little about homeopathy, but that was how she raised us, consulting her book and using the remedies to heal our ailments. But unfortunately, she didn’t realize the gift of health that she was giving us. When my father graduated and got a secure job that provided for our needs—when they achieved the “American dream”—my mother was so elated to have health insurance and “real” healthcare that she threw out her homeopathy kit! She didn’t realize what she had.

Similarly, my father grew up in Brazil being treated by a homeopathic physician. He remembers clearly being prescribed Phosphorous and other homeopathic medicines as a child. Despite both my parents’ positive experiences with homeopathy, the knowledge was lost. And later on in life, I unfortunately suffered greatly because of it.As a young adult, I took many antibiotics for my urinary tract infections, and my health declined significantly. I suffered from autoimmune diseases and faced a life of debilitating illness and an ever-growing list of dangerous medications like opioids and more. The thread of knowledge about true health and wellness had been broken from one generation to the next.Then I rediscovered homeopathy. With it, I reclaimed my health, and the rest has been history.

Homeopathy Curriculum for Grades 1-12 - PaolaBrown.com (23)

Homeopathy Curriculum for Grades 1-12 - PaolaBrown.com (24)

Before I began our fight to defend homeopathy, alongside other amazing women at Americans for Homeopathy Choice, I was already working on this curriculum. In a flash, I knew what I—and so many other mothers, parents and caregivers—needed. And it’s only because our advocacy work to defend homeopathy has been (and continues to be) so important and so all-consuming that it has taken me until now, working double-time, to finally bring this to you.I couldn’t be happier.My parents — who are back to using homeopathy and live completely drug-free — love it. I know you will love it too. This curriculum is of the highest quality. It is my opus.

To develop this curriculum, I meticulously researched a collection of over forty-five different books, scientific journals, and resources. Teach Me Health & Homeopathy is unique because it is the FIRST literature-based homeopathy curriculum designed for students of multiple ages. It includes a book of stories (with an audiobook option), a teacher’s manual, a student workbook (leveled for three age groups), beautiful illustrations, recorded supplemental videos available online, digital remedy flashcards and games for memory work, a digital vocabulary and reading guide for 8th grade students and older, and even an optional collection of songs to help children memorize important homeopathy facts.The unique material will enchant the whole family and make learning fun and accessible. It is my greatest hope that this curriculum will help you and your family find rich learning and generations of health.

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Order the World's First Homeopathy Curriculum for Kids Today!

We’re presenting the world’s first homeopathy curriculum for kids. Make homeopathy fun—give your kids an unforgettable health toolkit to last a lifetime. Available in three levels for grades 1-3, 4-6, or 9-12.


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