Bulbs - Replacement Headlights, Indicators And Car Bulbs (2023)

Bulbs - Replacement Headlights, Indicators And Car Bulbs (1)

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Ensuring your vehicle's lights are working correctly is critical for your own safety and also other road users as it allows you to be able to see and help others to see you.

A blown bulb will also result in an MOT failure, so make sure you check your lights before taking your vehicle in for its annual MOT test.

Replacingblown car bulbs can be a fiddly business, particular on some vehicle modelswhere the bulb housing is located in close proximity to other enginecomponents. At Kwik Fit, our experienced fitters can supply replacement bulbssuitable for your vehicle and fit these for you, saving you the trouble.

Better bulbs - higher performance

Bulbs - Replacement Headlights, Indicators And Car Bulbs (2)

At Kwik Fit we recommend and stock bulbs from Ring Automotive. Ring is a leading European lighting brand, producing high-quality vehicle lighting solutions for over 40 years. We stock a wide range of Ring Automotive bulbs including those suitable for headlights, brake lights, indicators and fog lights.

(Video) THE LAW AND REGULATIONS ON UPGRADED LIGHTS - HID's, LEDs, Tinted lights, Underglow, DRL's and more!

We stock both standard bulb replacements plus a range of performance bulb upgrades to aid night time driving.

More light on dark nights

Ifyou have trouble seeing the road and other hazards on dark nights, upgradingyour bulbs can make a big difference. The Xenon Ultima from Ring Automotiveutilises the latest advancements in filament technology which puts up to 120%more light on the road compared to a standard halogen bulb. Xenon Ultimaproduces a beam pattern that is 60m longer allowing other road users to be seenmore clearly and giving you more time to react to potential hazards. The lightoutput provides better reflections from road signs and markings for morecomfortable and safe night driving.

Xenon Ultimabulbs are available at all Kwik Fit centres.

How to check your car bulbs

Checking that your vehicle's lights are in good operational condition should form part of your regular vehicle maintenance check. Here are some of our simple checks to help you:

  • Headlamps should be cleaned to remove dirt to provide optimum light output, as dirt on the headlamp unit can cause refraction of the light that can lead to glare for other road users. Similarly in wintry conditions, you should clean any snow off your lights before starting your journey so that other drivers can see you clearly.
  • Ask a friend or partner to help you check brake lights and indicator lights by observing the lights while you apply the brake pedal and indicators respectively.
  • It’s not always immediately obvious when a car bulb blows. If visibility seems poor or other road users flash their lights at you, check your bulbs are operating correctly as they may be trying to warn you about bulb failure.
  • If you can hear one of your indicators blinking faster than usual, it means there is a fault or the indicator bulb has blown. You should try to rectify this as soon as possible as other road users won’t be able to see you turning.
  • You should try to replace your bulbs in pairs. If a bulb has blown and it is one of a pair of lights replacing both will give consistent light output.

Remember, if you are in any doubt, or find that you have a blown or faulty bulb, pop intoyour nearest Kwik Fit centre where our trained staff can supply, fit and alignreplacement bulbs for you. Don’t chance it, check your bulbs today.

Find Your Nearest Centre

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(Video) How To: An easy way to change your car's bulbs to LED | On Cars

Bulbs - Replacement Headlights, Indicators And Car Bulbs (3)

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We endeavour to ensure we are displaying the correct tyres for your vehicle. However, we recommend all customers check the tyre size printed on the side wall of their tyres before proceeding with a tyre purchase as occasionally discrepancies do occur. By selecting the tyre sizes above and clicking 'Continue', you are indicating that you have checked your tyre sizes.

We have identified the tyre size(s) that may fit your {VEHICLE}. Please select your front tyre size and rear tyre size below before clicking 'Continue'.

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Finding Your Tyre Size

Tyre Size

Your tyre size can be found on the sidewall of your current tyre and is a sequence of numbers and letters. The most common tyre size in the UK is 205/55R16 but there are many variations so it’s important to check your existing tyre first before searching for tyres.

Tip: Take a photo of your existing tyre sidewall to make it easier to identify your tyre size using the guide below.

Bulbs - Replacement Headlights, Indicators And Car Bulbs (4)

Bulbs - Replacement Headlights, Indicators And Car Bulbs (5)

Bulbs - Replacement Headlights, Indicators And Car Bulbs (6)

Bulbs - Replacement Headlights, Indicators And Car Bulbs (7)

  • Tyre Width
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Rim Diameter
  • Speed Rating
Tyre Width

The first three digits. This displays the width of the tyre in millimetres. A tyre marked 225 will measure 225mm across the tread from sidewall to sidewall.

Aspect Ratio

The fourth and fifth digits of the tyre code that immediately follow the tyre width. The aspect ratio or profile height of the tyre sidewall is expressed as a percentage of the tyre width. So an aspect ratio of 55 for example means that the profile height of the tyre is 55% of its width.

Rim Diameter

The next two digits represent the size of the wheel rim that the tyre can be fitted to. It is also the diameter of the tyre from bead to bead. So a tyre marked 16 will fit on a 16-inch wheel rim.

Speed Rating

The speed rating of a tyre is represented by a letter of the alphabet at the end of the tyre size code and indicates the maximum speed capability of the tyre. Tyres receive a speed rating based on a series of tests which measure the tyres capability to handle a set speed for a prolonged period of time.

Select your tyre speed rating to find out the maximum speed your tyres can maintain.


If you are unsure what speed rating you need, be sure to check your vehicle handbook. Choosing a lower speed rating than that recommended by your vehicle manufacturer could potentially invalidate your insurance.


Will AutoZone change my headlight bulb? ›

AutoZone can help you replace a burnt-out headlight bulb, but only if you've purchased the new bulb from their company, and only if the replacement doesn't require any vehicle disassembly. Experienced AutoZone employees can help you with a simple replacement—but AutoZone isn't a stand-in for a professional mechanic.

How do I know what bulbs to buy for my car? ›

You can contact your vehicle manufacturer for the bulb fitting information, or simply take a look in your vehicle handbook, which should state all the fittings that your vehicle needs for each type of light.

When replacing headlight bulbs should you replace both? ›

Changing headlight bulbs in pairs assures that the road ahead will be properly illuminated and that drivers will get the full safety benefit of the vehicle's headlights, just as the carmaker intended. Replacing parts in pairs can ensure vehicles are properly balanced and functioning safely.

Can I use LED bulbs for indicators? ›

Colored LEDs are widely used as signal lights and indicator lights, like the power button on a computer.

How much does it cost to have someone change your headlight bulb? ›

When you factor in the cost of the bulb and the labor, you will be looking at a total cost of between $30 and $300, depending on the type of bulb and the difficulty of installation. If you need to replace the entire headlight assembly, the price variation is extreme, to say the least.

Does O Reilly replace headlight bulbs for you? ›

Replacing headlight bulbs is a pretty easy fix – just stop by one of our stores and grab a pair of headlight bulbs. We'll be happy to change them for you or you can give it a try yourself. Not all services offered at every location.

Does it matter what headlight bulb I buy? ›

Headlight bulbs are crucial safety items for any vehicle. But like the lightbulbs you buy for your house, not all headlight bulbs are created equal and they're frequent wear-and-tear items that require replacement. So it's indisputably important that you choose the correct ones for your vehicle and climate.

What is the most common car headlight bulb? ›

Halogen car bulbs are the standard and most popular choice. It is believed that this type of automotive light bulb accounts for an incredible 80% of all headlight bulbs across the world.

Do cars need specific headlight bulbs? ›

Each car will require a specific type, size, and fitting of bulb for its headlights depending on your vehicle's make, model, and year of manufacture - meaning there are a lot of factors to consider when looking for a replacement.

Can I replace a headlight bulb myself? ›

Yes, you can! Luckily, headlight bulb replacement is usually a quick and inexpensive fix, as long as you know a few important tips. Check out the video below to get started. If you still have questions, your local auto parts store is a great resource for finding the right bulb.

Why is one of my headlights not working even with new bulbs? ›

The likely cause is a fuse, headlight relay, headlight switch, dimmer switch or a wiring fault. About the only cause that is an easy fix is a blown fuse. Consult your owner's manual to locate the main fuse for the headlight circuit and replace that fuse with one having the same amp rating.

Are high beams and headlights the same bulb? ›

Headlight Bulbs

The normal headlights are on far more often than the high beams, so the low beams burn out more frequently. Some vehicles have entirely different bulbs for the high beams, and other models have headlights with two different filaments.

Are all car indicator bulbs the same? ›

Every car is different and requires a range of bulbs for each cluster of lights. Not only are there lots of car lights to consider, but bulbs come in a huge array of shapes and sizes to fit every make and model. With so many available, it's easy to buy the wrong ones by accident.

How many watts is a car indicator bulb? ›

Indicator Bulb - 12 Volt 21 Watt.

Where should you not use LED bulbs? ›

Enclosed fixtures that don't allow for proper ventilation can drastically affect the temperature of the LED bulb, causing it to overheat and shortening the lifespan of the bulb. That's why some bulbs will tell you not to use it in an enclosed ceiling fan or fully enclosed porch light fixture.

Does Walmart change headlight bulbs? ›

In most cases, halogen headlight bulbs cost about $20 apiece. Based on those figures, you can expect to pay between $50 and $60 to have your headlights replaced at Walmart's Auto Care Center. The Auto Care Center can also perform a headlight restoration, which costs $26.88 per vehicle.

Does AutoZone install tail lights? ›

Will AutoZone replace brake lights? While AutoZone doesn't offer actual brake light replacement services, our team can assist you with any questions about the process, help you find the right products to get started, and maybe even give you a hand.

Why are headlight bulbs so expensive? ›

The higher price comes from the simple fact that xenon light bulbs are much more powerful than a halogen, and while a xenon headlight is designed to last much longer than a halogen, it can still burn out eventually.

Does Jiffy change headlights? ›

Jiffy Lube® inspects and tests exterior lights and replaces any bulbs, as needed, or at your request.

Where can I get my turn signal bulb replaced? ›

Replacement bulbs can be purchased at automotive stores or through your local dealership's service department.

Does Valvoline change turn signals? ›

Many drivers don't even realize their taillights have stopped working. That's why Valvoline Instant Oil Change℠ technicians check to ensure your taillights, including turn signals, are operating properly. We replace broke taillights fast with our express taillight service.

What is the brightest headlight bulb that is legal? ›

The Code of Federal Regulations says that the luminous intensity of headlights must be between 500 and 3,000 candelas. What does all that scientific jargon mean? Drivers who want to install special headlights or taillights shouldn't choose lights that measure more than 3,000 lumens.

What are the brightest headlight replacement bulbs? ›

The brightest halogen headlight bulbs are those with a color temperature of 4000K or 5000K. If you're planning to install LED or xenon HID headlight bulbs in your vehicle, opt for bulbs rated at 6000K.

Which headlight bulb is brighter HID or LED? ›

Brightness: LED lights can have a brightness of 9,000-10,000 lumens while HID might have 8,000 lumens. Both, however, are brighter than traditional halogen lights. Technology: LED lights use electricity while HID uses gas (typically xenon).

What are the three types of headlight bulbs? ›

There are three different types of headlight bulbs: halogen (which is based on the technology that has been around for decades), xenon (which uses newer technology to create longer-lasting, brighter light) and LED, which is the newest, most energy-efficient type of automotive light.

How many bulbs are in a headlight assembly? ›

For many vehicles these days, one bulb serves for both high and low beams. In older models, however, two separate headlight bulbs were used on both sides. Either replace both bulbs or all four bulbs at the same time for a consistent field-of-vision down-road.

Do I need to disconnect my battery to change my headlight bulb? ›

Always disconnect the battery when changing a blown headlight bulb. Headlight bulbs are connected to your vehicle's electrical system. They'll pull power from the battery while the alternator recharges the battery.

Can I drive my car with one headlight out? ›

Unfortunately, yes, it is illegal to drive with one headlight out. The fundamental law in most states requires all vehicles to have and use headlights from night until morning. provider to see if you're covered.

Why are my headlights not working but my full beam does? ›

A bad headlight relay is among the more common reasons we see for low beam headlights not working while the high beams do. You see, the low and high beams each have their own relay, which is essentially an electrical switch. Like fuses, sometimes relays go bad.

Why there are two bulbs in headlight? ›

One bulb functions as the low beam or dipped beam headlight, and the other can be turned on to create the brighter high beams or main beams. Many vehicles use single filament bulbs.

How do I know if I need a high beam or low beam bulb? ›

High beams cast an intense light that can extend up to 400 feet directly in front of your car. This can blind oncoming traffic, so high beams should only be used in situations where they won't affect other drivers. Low beams cast a light that extends about 200 feet, with a less extreme glare.

Is it OK to drive with a high beam headlights? ›

High beam headlights should be used at night, whenever you're unable to see enough of the road ahead to drive safely. Low visibility at night can be scary for even the most experienced drivers.

How do you know if a bulb is high beam or low beam? ›

Tip: High beams are distinguished from low beams by their brighter light. They are sometimes referred to as “main beam” headlights. These terms are synonymous, and the term used depends entirely on the region. High beams point straight ahead, while low beams are angled down towards the road.

Which bulb is used for indicators? ›

Led indicator bulbs provide a brighter light yet they use much less power when compared to halogen. There are more colour choices available with this technology and the bulbs can reach even more brightness.

Which bulb is the blinker? ›

Most turn signal lighting systems include four separate bulbs: front left, front right, rear left, and rear right turn signals. These are often placed within the headlight/taillight systems. Many newer vehicles also feature two additional turn signal lights: one placed on each of the side rearview mirrors.

Are LED indicator bulbs legal? ›

Let's start with the short answer: Technically, LED upgrade bulbs are not road legal. To find out why, we need to delve into the specifics of the legislation…a boring job but we've done it for you!

Can I put a higher Watt bulb in my car? ›

Most vehicles use 55-Watt bulbs in their headlights. This should provide more than enough brightness, especially when using high-performance white headlight bulbs. However, it is possible to use higher wattage bulbs in your car. This may require you to upgrade the wiring in your car in order to support these bulbs.

What colour should indicator bulbs be? ›

What colour should vehicle lights be?
Vehicle lightsColour of lights
Direction indicator lamps:Amber
Rear lamps:Red
Hazard warning signal lamps:Amber
Stop lamps:Red
17 more rows

What is the major disadvantage of LED lights? ›

Perhaps the biggest drawback of LED light bulbs is that they emit more blue light than incandescent bulbs, which are more on the red end of the spectrum. Blue light can cause a disruption in your circadian rhythm, negatively affect your ability to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep.

Why shouldn't you have LED lights on at night? ›

Blue light, the type of bright light that comes from natural sunlight and the LCD/LED screens of our electronic devices, can boost our attention, reaction times and moods during the day. But at night, it disrupts our biological clocks and makes our bodies think we should stay awake when all we need is sleep.

Can you replace normal bulbs with LED? ›

Swapping out incandescent bulbs for LED light bulbs is the easiest change of all. You don't need to change the light sockets that you have installed, as the cap on LED light bulbs are compatible with conventional light sockets.

Does AutoZone replace headlights and taillights? ›

Will AutoZone replace headlights? While AutoZone doesn't provide mechanical or repair services, we can help customers with any questions they have about replacing headlights with products purchased from AutoZone.

Can you exchange lights at AutoZone? ›


To return a product to an AutoZone store, return an item in its original condition and packaging, with receipt, within 90 days of the purchase date to request a refund. Return a defective item within the warranty period. Requests for refunds may be denied if the item has been used or installed.

Can I replace just the bulb in my headlight? ›

Yes, you can! Luckily, headlight bulb replacement is usually a quick and inexpensive fix, as long as you know a few important tips. Check out the video below to get started. If you still have questions, your local auto parts store is a great resource for finding the right bulb.

Does Walmart change car headlight? ›

Needing car repairs while finances are tight is one of the worst feelings. You'll be glad to know that yes, Walmart Auto Care Center locations can replace your car's lights.

Does Walmart change headlight bulb? ›

The cost for a new headlight installation at Walmart is $7.50 per light, not including parts. A** headlight restoration costs $25** per vehicle.

How much does it cost to replace headlights or taillights? ›

The Average Cost for Tail Light Cover Replacement Is $50 to $300 Depending on If You Go to the Mechanic or DIY. This price range is based on national averages for all vehicles and does not factor in taxes, fees, or your particular make and model.

Does AutoZone check lights for free? ›

If your engine light is on and you are wondering why head down to your local AutoZone where one of our store associates can help diagnose the issue through our free Fix Finder service.

Does AutoZone change license plate bulbs? ›

Quick Installation and Professional Assistance

AutoZone employees are plenty happy to walk you through the installation process. If you are still hesitant, then one of our educated team members can do the installation for you at one of our many convenient locations.

Is it easy to replace headlights yourself? ›

Fortunately, it's often easy to change a headlight. Most of today's halogen high-intensity-discharge (HID) or light-emitting-diode (LED) bulbs are simple to replace. They are held in place by thin wire clips or rotating bayonet-style retainers.

How much does a headlight bulb cost? ›

The average cost for a Headlight Bulb Replacement is between $123 and $149. Labor costs are estimated between $44 and $55 while parts are priced between $79 and $94.

Will Advance auto Parts change a headlight? ›

Why Should You Have Headlight Bulb Replacement Services Performed at Advance Auto Center? When your lights no longer illuminate the road as brightly as they once did, it might be time to visit us so our service staff can replace your headlight bulbs. When one or more of your bulbs burn out, allow us to help.

What's the best way to restore headlights? ›

Sanding is the best, most efficient way to restore auto headlights permanently. Sanding headlights strips away the foggy layer, revealing the once shiny light lenses you loved.


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